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-Push:  "[It is] about how I was manipulated [in a relationship] and how I handled it, how I grew to like it...some people get the wrong idea and think that it's about physical violence, when it's really about emotional violence."  -Rob
-More facts about this song:   it's written from 3 different viewpoints and one is of the woman that it's about.
-Back 2 Good:  About cheating and screwing up "so many times that it becomes a habit."  -Rob
-Damn:  "This song is about getting laid!"  -Rob
-Real World:  This is from when he just got the record deal and realized that he'd never have the chance to really do anything else
-Long Day:  About how one day in a relationship can last forever
-3am:  About Rob's mom
-Shame:  Cheating
-Hang:  About some friends of Rob's...the girl was with the wrong guy, or so he thought
-Busted:  About getting into trouble
-You and I and I:  About "coming to terms with the fact that you could be an asshole."