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Tabitha's Secret

-This band formed in 1993.
-Rob, Paul, and Brian were in the band with John Goff and Jay Stanley.
-Matt Serletic wanted to sign the band, but only the three guys wanted to move on, hence the beginning of matchbox20.
-A CD by Tabitha's Secret was released in November 1997, entitled "Don't Play With Matches" and features Rob, Paul, and Brian.
-Tabitha's Secret sued matchbox20 for legal malpractice and breach of contract.
-The rest of Tabitha's Secret is now getting performance and mechanical royalties for the songs "3am" and "Tired" which are both on the "Don't Play With Matches" CD ("3am" is on "yourself or someone like you" and "Tired" is on the Australian "Push" single and is also done live).
-Lyrics to "Don't Play With Matches" CD:
1.  3 a.m. (earlier version)
2.  Forever December (earlier version)
3.  Here Comes Horses
4.  Paint Me Blue
5.  Dear Joan
6.  High
7.  Unkind
8.  Jesus Was An Alien
9.  Tired
10.  Swing
11.  3 a.m. (later version)
12.  Forever December (later version)
Hidden track:  Dizzy

-There is going to be a live CD released from Tabitha's Secret.  Go to the Offical Tabitha's Secret Page for more.

*All lyrics copyrighted Tabitha's Secret/Forbidden Records*