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-on writing songs:
"I usually get the best ideas when I'm walking...I'd spend a lot of time at 3 in the morning sitting on an off-ramp for hours...I had my little keyboard with me in my backpack and I'd pull it out and sit there and work on some tunes."  -Rob
-on Rob's dream woman:
"In fact, my criterion for the perfect woman is that she has to be able to fix a car...and to teach me that, cuz I ain't going to break down and ask my buddies."  -Rob
-about the miracle of life:
"I'd like to thank my mom for giving birth to me so I can wear tight pants."  -Rob
-message to the fans:
"Stop buying this record so we can go in and make the next one."  -Brian
-spreading the love:
"How we're gonna combat this [the faceless band theory] is by making every single person in the United States love us."   -Adam
"If I had to have a controversy, I want to hear that it's that I f**ked Courtney Love in a bathroom in a Texaco in Alabama or something like that.  Something like that sounds like fun.  The rest of it is no good."  -Rob, from Music's Choice, March/April
-on his hidden talent:
"I'm a good cook.  That's my only other bankable skill except performing.  I can cook Italian, I can cook French, I can cook just about anything."  -Rob, Teen People, May 1998
-they're tough on themselves!
"We're our own worst critic.   That always keeps us grounded.  It could have been one of the best shows you played that month, and [one of us] will say, 'No, it could have been better.'"   -Paul, Teen People, September 1998
-they're tough on themselves, continued:
"Or you just go and read some bad press...that'll keep your head on straight."  -Rob
-on the sign held up by a fan at the Live from the 10 Spot concert on MTV that read "Kyle, I'd reach my hand into your pocket any day"
"Kyle...I'd reach my hand in your pocket any time...cuz you're a sexy man with a big guitar."  -Rob
-their opinion of themselves:
"We're not a very good band, but we try...and we're spunky dressers!"  -Rob, US, April 1998
-before making it big:
"I'm seconds away from being this loser that never got a job and sat around writing songs."  -Rob, US, April 1998
-about living with his grandmother who sold bootlegged liquor:
"Every now and then she'd have to run somebody off with a was a weird way to grow up."  -Rob, US, April 1998
-about his mom's cancer:
"By the time she had gone into remission, I was just dying.  I tried to stay there, but we just weren't getting along.  So I took off."  -Rob, US, April 1998
-about music:
"Music saved me long before matchbox20.  It was the thing that made Rob, Rob...a defining quality that said maybe I wasn't such a f**k-up after all."  -Rob, US, April 1998
-facing life and the music biz:
"I have enough to keep me humble and laughing at my own situation.  I look at it like a satire.  There's a humor in this business.  You just have to find it."  -Rob
-new experiences:
"This is the first time I've worn a skirt, it's pretty comfortable.  But as a drummer, I couldn't play in it because I can't separate my legs."  -Paul
-music choices:
"I only listen to our own record.   I can't get into other artists.  I don't like any other bands.  The only reason I joined this unit was because of the music, and damn it if I'm gonna listen to anything but my own album."  -Adam
-getting back at those mean critics:
"Critics don't like us because there's nothing for them to latch onto and write about.  No one in the band is dying from a heroin addiction.  We're just out there playing."  -Kyle
-advice for everyone:
"Stay in school, they gots all the good dope."  -Paul...he's joking...HE'S JOKING!!!  from Postcards from the Road
-what he never leaves at home:
"My cosmetic bag, that would be my answer, because I have so much shit going on between Oxys and hairsprays and f**k it, I'm the biggest bitch you know."  -Adam
"This goes out to the bitch who gave all my clothes to GoodWill."  -Rob, before singing "Shame"
-the deep meaning behind "Damn"
"This song is about getting laid!"  -Rob
-from an AOL chat:
Q:  My friend thinks you're a sex symbol for the 90's.  What do you think about that?  A: (from Rob)  I think your friend is blind.
-on touring:
"It's really a lot of fun to do.   I mean, this is, we were doing it for years before we had a deal and we were paying to do it and we do it cuz we love to do it and so that helps that we all get to play music."  -Rob, FANatic
-on inspiration:
"There's so many people.  In a way, I've been playing with Brian and Paul for 6 years and we all had our different influences and we hooked up with Adam and Kyle...that right there was an influence in itself, I think-just when the five of us got together, I felt we got along really well."  -Rob, FANatic
-embarrassing moments:
"We were at the end of the show...everything was kind of cut down and I was doing some kind of improvisational thing, talking to the crowd 'ba ba ba...DOW!'  and I fell offstage...five foot down on the ground and I'm like 'I'm up!  I'm up!' and the next day, we did a show and like right in front of the stage, the guys in my crew had drawn a chalk outline and it's like this guy lying sprawled out and in one hand, they had drawn a  microphone."   -Rob, FANatic
-what they learned about the music business:
"You learn that the radio biz is very political and really political with all kinds of games that y'all have to play."   -Adam, FANatic
-about the songs:
"I mean, you write it and of course it's personal to you and we live it...that's what we went through to write the songs."  -Rob, FANatic
-group hug on FANatic:
"Kyle, are you sucking her toes?   Yeah, Kyle!"  -Rob
-the usefulness of the album:
"For the rest of your life, this album will carry you through it."  -Kyle
-on success:
"We don't knock ourselves too much, but it is just as a surprise to us as much as someone else watching."   -Rob, E! News
-about Rob being a 50 Most Beautiful Person in People Magazine:
"It was rigged!"  -Rob, E! News
-don't forget about the rest of the boys:
"We are all damn good looking men!"  -Rob, E! News
-about how they've changed:
"We have sold out my friends.   We are selling out as we speak.  Look at this:  are these Adidas shoes?"  -Rob
          "These are Adidas pants.   [to Adam]  What kind of shirt is that?"  -Paul
"This is one of those K-Mart things."  -Adam, E! News
-about the band's name:
"I said, 'What about matchbox20?' and that was totally panned by everyone.  They were 'That's so stupid; that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.'  A month later, swear to God, I'll tell you how life is, a month later, we're sitting there and Rob goes 'Hey, what about matchbox20?'   'Yeah, that's cool!'  Yeah, so that's how it happened."  -Paul, CNN World Beat
-all that bad press:
"You can insult us all you want.   That's fine.  But if, like, you're insulting us and the seven million people that did go buy our are they idiots now?"  -Paul, CNN Showbiz Today
-go ahead, insult them!
"If you're gonna bash us, just be clever."  -Rob, CNN Showbiz Today
-the weight issue:
"No, no, I was fat, man!  I had a lot of things going on and I gained a little weight and I lost it."  -Rob, CNN Showbiz Today
-the weight thing again:
"We put out a good record and we've been on tour for two years...made bigger and better tours, but the thing they still felt fit to put was 'Hey, Rob's putting on a little weight!'  Hey, if that's what everybody wants to hear, then go, go."  -Rob, CNN Showbiz Today
-on the Red Rocks Amphitheater:
"It reminds us of home...cuz my apartment looks just like this."  -Paul, VH1's #1s
-about the altitude of Red Rocks, and about how they supposedly have oxygen tanks near them:
"If right before I go on, I'm like *sniff*  [some oxygen], 'oh mama!  yeah!'"  -Rob, VH1's #1s...he's joking!!!!!
-about the people who said the album might not be released:
Q:  "Have you seen those people since then?"  A:  "Yeah, they're rich!"  -Paul, 1998 VMA Preshow
-on the little statues:
"We've figured if win, we'd name [the statue] Hank."  -Rob, VMA Preshow
-about what music they like, Paul or Rob mentioned rap or something, and they talked about putting it on the next album.   They described it as:
"Mad phat rhymes!"   -Paul, VMA Preshow