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-My review of the 3/18/98 concert
Place:  Stabler Arena, Bethlehem, PA
    This was my first ever matchbox 20 concert and boy was I excited!  I went with my friend Adriane for her birthday.  It was a pretty gloomy day but who cares?!  It was concert day!   We got there about a half hour before they opened the doors so we got near the front of the line.  We didn't have the best seats (if you're looking at the stage, we were in the bleachers to the right, in the last row of real seats) but hey, at least we were there!  After sitting through the crappy opening band, we had to wait another 45 minutes for our band to come out.  It was an awesome show!  They opened with "Busted" and closed with "Push" and included "Long Day" in the encore.  They also did "Mercy Mercy Me" and "Time After Time."  During the encore, when Rob was alone on stage and singing, someone threw a big banner that advertised a local radio station and that had tons of people's signatures on it.  Well, Rob picked it up and put it around his shoulders...the crowd went wild!!  It was a fun time!
-My review of the 8/7/98 concert
Place:  PNC Banks Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ
    This was my second concert and this time it was for MY birthday.  I took my best friend and my mom along, who are both fans, but nowhere near the obsessive phase that I'm in.  We got there really early, a couple of hours before the parking lot was open so we just drove around.  Then we finally got in.  I was supposed to meet someone that I'd been exchanging emails with, and it turned out we were parked right next to each other!   So that was cool.  Well, we had to get in line about about an hour and a half before the concert started, because we only had general admission lawn seats.  But we got in fairly early and were in the center of the lawn, right in the middle of the slope.   It's a really nice place, it's out in the open and there's huge TV screens set up everywhere.  Plus we had this awesome pair of binoculars, so the view of the stage was excellent.  Semisonic opened first, and they were good.  Next came Soul Asylum, which were all right.  I was just antsy for matchbox 20 to come out.   Finally, 2 hours after the concert began, they came out.  It was a kick ass show.  Best way I can describe it.  They opened with "Argue," and I was expecting "Busted," so that was a shocker.  They also did "Tired," which is one of my favorites.  Rob introduced it and I started freaking out, and all of these people turned around and were staring at me!  A little embarrassing, but hey, I'll never see those people again.  They also did "You and I and I," love that one too, and a cover of "Nothing Compares 2 U."  It was the best show ever!   If you've never seen them in concert, I highly recommend you go, because they sound even better than they do on the CD.