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Shame (3:35)

What we learned here is love tastes bitter when it's gone
Past yourself forget the light, things look dirty when it's on
Funny how it comes to pass, that all the good slips away
And there's no one around you can remember being good to you
Shame, shouldn't try you, couldn't step by you
And open up more
Shame, shame, shame
What we lost here is something better left alone
Second steps have been forgotten, will you tell me how they go
Set yourself, situate, like a fool try again
There's no one around you can remember being good, for you, so
Chorus x 2
We never thought we'd get so troubled
We could never think that much
It should never get this bad
So let the wind blow ya, across a big floor
But there's no one around who can tell us what we're here for
Funny in a certain light how we all look the same
And there's no one in life you can remember ever stood
For you, so
Chorus x 2

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