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Jesus Was an Alien

Elvis is alive at your local grocery store
And if you believe that boy well sit down and I'll tell you more
Lee Harvey Oswald, well you know he acted alone
Charlie Manson only wanted to make his house a home
Jesus was an alien, flying through space
God was an astronaut who said boy I like your face, so the story began
Girl I love you and the check is in the mail
Found religion inside myself, I drank the blood, the flesh was stale
So reach in your pockets and give us all you can
You know the one that's goin' to heaven is gonna be the richer man
Chorus x 2
I see you're shakin' boy, do ya find it hard to believe
That the one you been living for would would cut your wrists to watch you bleed
Found out the truth is a lie, and it makes you feel unwell
Say the church of the all mighty dollar is all we have to save us from hell
Chorus x 2
So the story began
That's the story from my side to your side
To your side, yeah