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AOL Transcript
Host:  Adam from matchbox 20 is calling from a remote location.  He is on tour and looking forward to answering your questions.
Question:  Being one of our "mature" (36) fans, wondering how you feel about us "old folks" being such devoted fans to you and your music.
matchbox 20:   I'm 35 so I'm pretty old too.  I'm very immature, but it's an amazing spectrum of people we get coming to our shows and listening to our album.
Question:  Hey guys!   When do you think the new album will be coming out?  I can't wait for it!
matchbox 20:   The new album will be coming out sometime next year.  We have been supporting the current album for over two years, and some of us have to take a nap in November.
Question:  What is your favorite song on your album?  I know it's hard to choose, even I can't.  Thank you.  I love you guys! 
matchbox 20:   Too difficult to ask what my favorite song is, it's just that some songs are more fun to play on stage than others, and playing all those songs over and over makes it difficult to listen to the album.
Question:  I just wanted to know what other bands (if any) do you guys listen to?  Also, who would you like to tour with?
matchbox 20:   There are so many great bands out there right now.  I have no clue who we would want to take out.  We got to play with the Rolling Stones, and it's hard to do better than that.
Question:  I want to know if you are ever going to release the song "Hang?"  I think you guys are great...loved the show at the Chameleon!
matchbox 20:   Thanks, we would love to release "Hang," but I think we are going to call it quits on this album, we have to stop somewhere or we will be touring with this album for 5 years.
Question:  How often do you guys sing the song "Black and White People?"  The first time I heard it was on Halloween and I loved it.  I have been to 7 shows since and have not heard it again.
matchbox 20:   When we play that song, it comes during Rob's acoustic moment towards the end of the show.  He picks one song that he wants to play, and sometimes he plays that, and sometimes he plays other things, but he never plays Bing Crosby.
Question:  What do you guys plan on doing next, it seems like you've done it all!
matchbox 20:   Kyle and I are opening a taco stand in southeast Florida.  This job was too hard for us, and I love the smell of fresh ground beef.  <kidding>
Question:  Where is the name matchbox 20 from?
matchbox 20:The name is from our drummer, and we usually lie.  But the truth is he just made it up and we hated it, and then we had no other choice, so we used it.
Question:  How did you come up wit the title of your CD--"Yourself or Someone Like You?"
matchbox 20:   The album title was from a lady in a small club (playing a guitar set in a small club) and she kind of just said that this was for yourself or someone like you when she was dedicating a song.
Question:  Who thought of the idea for the "3am" video?
matchbox 20:   The "3am" concept was a joint collaboration between our director and the band.
Question:  Were you blown away to be named Rolling Stone "Readers Poll" best band?
matchbox 20:  It was one of the coolest awards we have received because it was about the people voting for us, and it showed a lot of support, and was a great feeling.
Question:  Do you have a significant other?
matchbox 20:   About 4/5's of us have girlfriends now, and everyone is pretty damned happy.
Question:  What are your biggest pet peeves while you are on tour?
matchbox 20:   That's a good question.  I have so many pet peeves that I can just go nuts.   My biggest are when people just don't THINK ABOUT STUFF.  I'm a pretty conscious person...almost too conscious.  The stupidest things get me crazy, but I think if I was ever shot in the leg, I think I can deal with it.  I'm kidding, please leave the guns at home!
Question:  Adam, will you sing any kind of solo in the near future?
matchbox 20:   I'm not sure what I'll be doing on the next record.  It would be cool to do some solo vocals, but I am sort of a team player, and maybe at one point I will put out some solo stuff.
Question:  What's been the most rewarding thing about becoming a successful band? 
matchbox 20:   Really good catering.  The fact that I can write anything on a piece of paper and it shows up the next day.  In all seriousness, the fact that I get to do what I love for a living, and meet a lot of cool people along the way.
Question:  We heard that the song "3am" was about Rob's mother-is that true?
matchbox 20:   Yes it is.
Question:  What really started your band and whose idea was it?
matchbox 20:   Rob, Paul, and Brian were in a different band.  It broke up and then they found me and Kyle.  Then we went and recorded and now I am chatting with you guys.
Question:  Are you guys going to the MTV Video Awards?
matchbox 20:   Yes, we're very excited to go, and you guys need to go to our website after the chat and vote for us for the viewer's choice awards, because I need one of those really cool astronaut trophies.  The site is
Question:  I love the song "Push"--what is it about?
matchbox 20:   It's about relationships and manipulation in relationships.  Kind of like verbal sparring.  And no, it has nothing to do with physical violence, I promise!
Question:  Do you think that women are judged too much on outer appearance?
matchbox 20:  I don't know, are you pretty?  You know I'm kidding.  What are you wearing?   I can't stop myself!  Yes, I think that a lot of people are judged on looks first, but I think that only goes as far as a two-minute conversation, and then you kind of see through the cosmetics of the situation.
Question:  You guys are the best and I'm just wondering, do you think any of you guys would date one of your fans?
matchbox 20:   Yeah it's hard to meet people at shows, cause you don't know why they're there or if they would.
Question:  Do you think it is important to vote?
matchbox 20:   Yeah, you guys would be surprised the power they would possess if they vote.   It would be great if everyone took the time to put in a vote.  You really could move mountains.
Host:  What was your address again?  We want to get in touch with you.
matchbox 20:   It's  and don't forget to vote for my astronaut trophy.  Thanks for having me!
Host:  Thank you all for joining us today!