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-Ok, this is going to be for articles found either on the Internet or in newspapers, not magazines, since I have a page for that info.  If you know of any matchbox20 articles around, give me an email
-This was in the local paper in the entertainment section:

Singer of Matchbox 20 has no more hangovers

   Matchbox 20 lead singer Rob Thomas dealt with sudden fame the old-fashioned way-by looking for happiness in a bottle.

    "I was hung over for the last two years," Thomas says in Sunday's React magazine.  "Why did I drink too much?  Everyone wants to meet you and you feel this pressure to be the life of the party.  I thought it was easier to make small talk with strangers when you're bombed."

    Thomas, who quit the heavy drinking with his girlfriend's help, called his boozing a lapse in professionalism.

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