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-matchbox 20:  yourself or someone like you
Tracks:  1.  Real World
                       2.   Long Day
             3.   3am
                       4.   Push
             5.   Girl Like That
                       6.   Back 2 Good
             7.   Damn
                       8.   Argue
             9.   Kody
                       10.   Busted
             11.   Shame
                       12.   Hang
-Fleetwood Mac:  A Tribute to Rumours
               mb20 covers "Never Going Back Again"
-Tabitha's Secret:  Don't Play With Matches
                Rob, Paul, and Brian playing with their old band...track listing:
                1.   3 a.m.  (earlier version)
                2.   Forever December  (earlier version)
                3.   Here Comes Horses
                4.   Paint Me Blue
                5.   Dear Joan
                6.   High
                7.   Unkind
                8.   Jesus Was An Alien
                9.   Tired
                10.   Swing
                11.   3 a.m.  (later version)
                12.   Forever December (later version)
                Hidden Track:  Dizzy
-Australian Push Import Single
                1.   Push
                2.   Busted acoustic
                3.   Tired
-Japanese Push Import Single
                1.   Push
                2.   Long Day acoustic
                3.   3am acoustic
-Australian Real World Import Single
                1.   Real World
                2.   Long Day live and acoustic
                3.   3am live and  acoustic
-Japanese Real World Import Single:
      1.   Real World   
                2.   Push--live and acoustic
      3.   3am--live and acoustic
                4.   Busted--live and acoustic
-Supernatural, Santana
            Featuring Rob on the track "Smooth"
-Smooth singles (2 versions):
            1.  Smooth
            2.  El Farol
            1.  Smooth-Radio Edit
            2.  Smooth-Album Version
            3.  Smooth-Instrumental Version
-Holiday From You, the Gufs
    Featuring Rob singing background vocals on "Give Yourself Back"

I realize that some of the import track listings may be wrong; please email me to correct me.