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About the Band Members

Rob Thomas:
-Birthday: February 14, 1972..Valentine's Day!
-An Aquarius
-Born in Germany on a military base
-His full name is Robert Kelly Thomas
-Shoe size: 9 and a half
-5'9" tall
-His parents divorced when he was 2 years old.
-He lived in South Carolina with his grandmother for a while, who sold bootlegged liquor.
-He moved to Florida with his mother, who was diagnosed with cancer when he was 12.
-Rob dropped out of high school, but would later get his GED.
-He then ran away from home when he was 17, but called his mom to let her know how he was.
-Some of Rob's favorite things:
    colors: blue and black
    animals: puppies and koala bears
    potato chips: sour cream and onion Pringles
    artists and influences: Ani DiFranco, James Brown, Al Green, Elvis Costello, 
     Elton John, and Willie Nelson
    authors: Kurt Vonnegut and Tim Robbins
-His favorite song on the album is "Kody," while his favorite song to perform is "Back 2 Good."
-Boxers or briefs: "Nothing...we're free baby!" From AOL chat
-Not comfortable with the Internet
-Currently has a fiancee
-If he wasn't making music, he'd be a flower delivery guy.
-Likes to cook Italian food (thanks to Orc895533 for this info!)
-Likes to date redheads (thanks to Orc895533 for this info)

Kyle Cook:

-Birthday: August 29, 1975
-A Virgo (thanks to Noscrub198)
-Shoe size: 11 and a half
-From Indiana
-Got his first guitar on his 13th birthday
-Favorite song on the album: Girl Like That
-If he wasn't making music, he's be a UPS guy (what's with all of this interest in deliveries?)
-His first name is really David.
Adam Gaynor:
-Birthday:   November 26, 1964
-Shoe size:  13
-6'2'' tall
-Has no middle name
-Taught himself to play the guitar after his sister learned and got tons of attention from it
-Allergic to dogs
-He loves computers and the Internet...answers the Q and A and writes the Postcards on the Official website
-Only matchstick that doesn't smoke
Brian Yale:
-November 14, 1969
-Shoe size: 9 and a half
-Nickname is Pookie
-Likes to quote from Austin Powers
Paul Doucette:
-Birthday:   August 22, 1972
-Leo (thanks to Noscrub198)
-Shoe size:  8
-5'4"   (Thanks to matchb20lv for the correction)
-Full name is Paul John Doucette
-From Pittsburgh, PA
-Loves to perform "Push"
-Least favorite songs to perform is "Tired"  (thanks to matchb20lv)
-Likes to dye his hair
-Doesn't like the Net..."it scares me"
-Likes Claire Danes
-Loves REM


Disclaimer:  Not all of this information may be true!!!  But most of it should be accurate.  If you have any corrections, don't hesitate to mail me!