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-There is a live, double-disc CD that was released in Australia.  It's a set where the first disc is "Yourself or Someone Like You" and the second is live tracks.  It can be ordered off the Internet at and 
-The band has won the Billboard Award that they were nominated for.
-matchbox 20 was nominated for an American Music Award in the category of Favorite Band, Duo, or Group in Pop/Rock.  However, they did not win.
-Rob has set his wedding date!!!   Rob and Marisol will be getting married on October 2, 1999.  This was announced by the Unofficial Rob Thomas Club (check links section for address).  Best of luck to the two!
-Yourself or Someone Like You has just gone eight times platinum!
-Rob has collaborated with the band The Gufs on their new album "Holiday From You."  He sings background vocals on the track "Give Yourself Back." 
-The group will be going into the studio over the summer for the recording of their next's supposed to be released early next year.  They will go into the studio in July.
-Santana's new single, "Smooth," has been posted on the band's official page.  It is the entire song, and has Rob singing lead vocals.
-Rob recently won an award from BMI, a performing rights organization, for Pop Songwriter of the Year for Push, 3am, and Real World.  Congrats, Rob!
-Supernatural, the new Santana album, was released on Tuesday, June 15th.  
-The concert video is now on sale!  Also included as a bonus are all five music videos: Push, 3am, Real World, Back 2 Good, AND Long Day!
-The video for "Smooth" has been played on MTV and VH1 recently.  Watch for it!
-Supposedly the new matchbox20 album will be released in December!  (Thanks Mb20gurl26!)  There have also been reports of being able to preorder the CD at Sam Goody.
-There is also an Interview CD that can be ordered off of cdnow.  If anyone knows what this contains, please let me know!
Billboard Charts:
For the week ending November 20:
The 200 AlbumsSupernatural by Santana: #5 (#1 last week)
Top Pop Catalog Albums: YOSLY by matchbox20: #8 (#9 last week)
Top Internet Album Sales: Supernatural: #4 (#3 last week)
Airplay: Adult Top 40: Smooth: #1 (#1 last week)
The Hot 100 Singles: Smooth: #1 (#1 last week)