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Signs You're Obsessed

1.  You own every single import.
2.  You listen to "Yourself or Someone Like You" at least 5 times a day.
3.  You spend tons of money on every item at the souvenir stand.
4.  You check all of the TV talk show websites (i.e. Leno) to see if matchbox 20 will be performing.
5.  Your computer's wallpaper is mb20.
6.  Your computer's screensaver is mb20.
7.  You have a whole file dedicated to mb20 audio and images on your desktop.
8.  You vote for them at least 10 times a day for the MTV Viewer's Choice Award.
9.  Most of the sties on your bookmark list have to do with the band.
10.  You check all of those sites every day.
11.  The local radio stations know your name because you request mb20 songs all the time.
12.  You have MTV's Total Request email address in your address book.
13.  You've tried to sneak backstage at a concert.
14.  You refer to the band members by their first names and your parents know who you're talking about.
15.  You've named a pet after one of the boys.