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matchbox 20 in magazines

-US-April 1998-picture and article
-YM-March 1998-picture and small blurb with official website address
-Teen People-March 1998-picture with small blurb about the meaning behind the number 20 (can be found here)
-seventeen-April 1998-picture with small blurb about the Tribute to Rumours CD
-All About You-May 1998-picture with a small blurb about the Rumours CD
-Teen People-May 1998-picture of Rob's face with a quote about his hidden talent (can be found on my quotes page)
-seventeen-May 1998-picture of band sitting with a small article
-People-May 11, 1998-50 Most Beautiful People issue-2 page spread on Rob; awesome pic and large article
-Twist-June/July 1998-Rob's Elvis guitar is mentioned in a quiz
-seventeen-July 1998-small picture of band/voted Band of the Year
-YM-August 1998-picture of Rob with contest rules and another picture of Rob singing
-Teen People-September 1998-picture of band with Paula Cole, another picture of band with article and lyrics to "Real World", are nominated as Best Rock Group in a poll, and lastly, a big picture of Rob with a cowboy hat on and an article.
-Circus-September 22, 1998- picture of the band (thanks to Megimino)
-Teen People-November 1998-Rob on a Celebrity Style Award for Most Color-Coordinated and there's a pic
-Circus-November 1998-picture of Rob
-Twist-December 1998-small article about the other members of the band/picture
-Spin-January 1999-full-page picture of Rob and an interview with him
-YM-March 1999-Q&A with Rob, a few pictures
-Teen People-Special Yearbook issue-2 pictures of Rob from when he was in school :)
-YM-Love Special-small picture of Rob and quote
-Teen People-October 1999-picture of Rob on the set of "Smooth"
-Spin-October 1999-Small article about Rob