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Background Info

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-Rob, Paul, and Brian were in another band before they decided to form a new one (see Tabitha's Secret for more). They got Adam from Criteria Recording Studios in Miami, Florida and Kyle from the Atlanta Institute of Music.

-They hooked up with Matt Serletic, a producer who had worked with
Collective Soul, and began to work on a demo.

-Then the band signed with Lava/Atlantic Records.

-They recorded their album, "Yourself or Someone Like You," in an hour and
a half, and 30 minutes of that was lunch break!

-The original name for the album was "The Woodshed Diaries." The name was changed after Rob and Paul were at a bar (and drunk) and heard a woman dedicate her next song to "yourself or someone like you."

-The name of the band was thought up by Paul, who was working as a waiter, and saw a man walk into the restaurant with a shirt covered with patches: one of which said "matchbox" and one that said "20."

-The guys once sold out a Valentine's Day show in Atlanta in 4 minutes!